Change Management Skills Training

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Change Management Coaching

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1-on-1 coaching surpasses classroom learning in aspects of personalisation and bringing about change
Change Management Coaching
About Change Management Coaching:
The definition of change management is a methodology and process where organisations on a makro scale, or individuals and teams are transformed into a new desired state. Project managers often use change management as a tool or process in which, when executed, compliments the outcome of the project. Change management coaching aims to fast track skill in the effective management through change using a one-on-one approach. Change management training are generalised on custom theories while coaching will focus on the direct developmental needs of the coachee. Change management is difficult as we deal with the resistance of human habits and unwillingness to bring about transition. It thus requires more than just theoretical knowledge to effective ignite change, it requires a deep understanding of human behaviour and triggers. Change Management Coaching holistically looks at these factors, as well as specialised contributors that may prevent or fast track change.
At a Glance
Name of Certificate: Tremendis Change Management Certification Total Sessions: 4 Duration of Sessions: 1 Hour Coaching Format: One-on-One Location: Gauteng, National Minimum Experience: At least one year experience in a leadership or managerial role. Minimum Education: Grade 12 or equivalent Competencies: Building Partnerships
Building Trust
Meeting Participation
Gaining Commitment
Facilitating Change
Delegating Responsibility
Managing Conflict
Quality Orientation
Planning and Organizing
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